Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Industry

The E-commerce Industry has been steadily growing in the past decade or so, but recently had a burst of success that seems to have created quite a buzz. The e-commerce industry is booming, but you need class-leading marketing strategies to remain at the top of the game. A new term ‘growth hacking’ is entering the marketing vocabulary, especially in the e-commerce industry. It is basically a marketing technique developed by technology which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. This is particularly relevant for startups as it gives it a ‘lean’ launch allowing them to focus on growth first and then the budgets. Yet, you need strong marketing strategies in the long run. Here are some strategies that will have a long lasting effect.

Social Media: Everybody seems to be in love with Social Media, after all we do spend a good chunk of our day on it. Companies, irrespective of their size have been busy calculating ROI. To use social media, you first need to decide the platforms you want to explore. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are among the top choices for marketers.

PCC: Pay Per Click or PPC has gained popularity in recent years. Moreover, it is a great source to advertise an e-commerce website in a profitable way. This is an on-going process and the best option at present time is Google PLAs and retargeting. Importantly, one should go beyond Google AdWords and look at other PPC networks to market on. Facebook Ads is a great example of this.

PR: PR basically involves generating a buzz around your brand or website. This is typically done via multiple sources like a newspaper, TV or on popular blogs and so on. When you see a review of a product in a newspaper, there is a good chance that the product was gifted by the brand. The newspaper in return gives them an exposure through the review. PR can be simple, but an extremely effective means of gaining eyeballs and mindspace.

Link Bait: Creating great resources on your site will inevitably lead to people linking to you. This p
rocess is called ‘Link Bait’. It could be a complete buyer’s guide, the specifics will depend on your market. Moreover, the resources will brand you as an expert, thus increasing trust and credibility, resulting in more sales.

There are a number of such marketing strategies that you can apply. You will find some easy and some not so easy ways to earn profit from your venture. But importantly remember, that ‘slow and steady wins the race’. So give it time and push the boundaries and yourself at every turn.

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