As human beings we want a lot of things, it’s the decisions that lead us to where we are & that makes us who we are.

The first thing to remember towards making smarter choices is knowing what your goals are. What do you want to become in life? What are you REALLY REALLY good at? This also has to be your priority number 1.

Focus all your energy and time on this. For example, if you want to pursue hospitality studies or an MBA, put in your heart, soul and mind to doing it. Ultimately it’s your life. It’s important to know what your goals are to going after them.

Analyse your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your goals and work towards them day in and day out. Weaknesses ultimately turn to strengths which is why you should work on them to the best of your capabilities. Analysing these makes you self-aware of yourself.

The last thing to remember is to always follow your gut. Some of the best decisions are made with the gut. Or if that doesn’t help flip a coin based on your choices and whatever turns up go with it. Always do what’s right. Doing the right thing always helps. The more you do it the less regrets you have in life.