Conflicts are inevitable in a modern workplace. Conflicts can be of several kinds. For instance, there could be conflicts between departments, superior and sub-ordinateteam members among others. Conflicts arise mainly because different stakeholders end-up having different priorities; Therefore, new-age managers need to understand and apply various conflict resolution techniques so as to be effective in their given roles. Outlined below are some of these techniques:

Collaborative working

Also known as problem solving, in this technique the manager works with the parties who are in conflict to arrive at a solution that is acceptable to both.  This technique is also called arbitration.

Conflict Management


Here, both members involved in the  conflict are persuaded to sacrifice their self-interest in the larger interest of the organization.

Backing off

Also known as avoidance, in this technique the more mature person or a team is asked to surrender their self-interest to bring harmony in the workplace. Apart from this, to succeed in conflict management the managers handling the conflict need to have strong convincing skills and the ability to persuade the conflicting members to arrive at an amicable solution.

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Factors that Motivate Distance Education

Whether you are an educator, parent or student; understanding what motivates distance education learners is significant. Motivated students are more likely to take up tasks that enable higher academic achievements and learning.

The primary factors which contribute to the motivation of a student are:x

1. Feeling Empowered – Giving students the opportunity to make independent decisions about topics for their Distance education projects is a great way to give academic control to distance learners.

2. How useful is the Course – It is important that students perceive the course to be useful for their academic/professional cause and the correlation between the course structure and skill acquisition.

Distance Learning
3. Making Success Possible – It is also important that students are made to feel that they have an opportunity to succeed in the course, if a reasonable effort is made. Giving students access to relevant academic resources can be extremely motivating.

4. Maintaining Interest Levels – sharing additional resources and putting existing technological and academic resources to good use is a great morale booster.

5. Caring is an extremely important motivator for distance learners. If the immediate circle of a distance learner values and respects the course, it isn’t very difficult for the student to enhance his learning skills.

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The Basics of DPSA Profiling

Psychometric assessment or DPSA profiling assesses the knowledge, aptitude, talent and abilities of a potential hire. This field also involves creation of questions and psychological tests to measure the personality of an individual.

This type of profiling is widely used in Multinational banks and other private sector behemoths. This is considered to be a highly scientific tool and the people administering these tests normally hold a special qualification in psychometrics. Many work as clinical psychologists while still others are employed as Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals.

DPSA Profiling and Phychometric assessments

Psychometrics is also used in the educational field and it measures abilities such as reading, writing and math. Psychometric testing hinges on a whole range of theoretical approaches for measuring innate personality traits of an individual. Some of the better known instruments include the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, the five factor model in addition to tools such as the Myers and Briggs Type Indicator among others. Psychometric approaches are extensively used to study attitudes of a candidate. One of the common methods in the measurement of attitudes is the Likert Scale.

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How to Succeed in Distance Learning

Although Distance Learning programs give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, it’s often difficult to succeed in such programmes especially if you don’t approach it with the right mindset. However, students often find Distance Learning Programs to be a tall hurdle to overcome as they are too bogged down with their work and official commitments.

Succeed In Distance Learning

So, here are a few pointers that you can keep in mind so that you can come up trumps in a Distance Learning Program:

  • Ensure that you maintain discipline, determination and time management to stay abreast of lessons and assignments. Always maintain a focus on your studies and take the online classes and webinars with the much-needed seriousness.
  • Ensure that you make full use of the facilities provided by your institution such as an online library and video lectures among others.
  • Many overseas distance learning programs allow you to transfer credit from other courses in colleges. If permitted, make full use of this facility. This way you ensure that you don’t repeat what you have learnt. Make full use of the conveniences that technology has to offer.
  • But importantly show the enthusiasm, passion and the zeal for your academics and success will be yours.

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Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs

Are you one of those new-age entrepreneurs waiting to get funded by an angel investor? Do you feel that you need some skills to get a foot on the door of that elusive Venture Capitalist? Then it’s time that you honed your presentation skills. A new study published online in ‘Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice’ attributes the importance of presentation skills to the success of entrepreneurs seeking funding from potential investors.

The results of the study revealed that entrepreneurs who showed clear signs of preparedness and a strong handle on their material won the minds of the funding organizations irrespective of the business model that the entrepreneur had. As finance is the lifeblood of any organization, entrepreneurs need to acquire capital to kick start their ventures. And strong presentation skills enable in mopping up the growth capital.

So what are the elements of a good presentation skill? According to the study the elements include skilled storytelling, thorough command over the details, believability, authenticity and strong preparedness. So if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur then sharpen your presentation skills. One way of doing it is to enroll for an Online MBA or Distance Learning Program 

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By Tarun Narayan

Stress management through Spirituality

The term “stress” is nothing new to modern life. Estimates suggest that one in every three individual today is a victim of stress, depression and various kinds of phobia. Stress impacts an individual at various level. Stress hampers an individual’s ability to perform well at the workplace. It breeds a sense of fear, anxiety and helplessness. It also inhibits an individual’s ability to socialize and form new friendship chains.

Spirituality is nothing but looking inwards and invoking the divine energy that’s residing in the deeper confines of your sub-conscious self. The reason why spirituality helps in keeping stress under check is that it helps person realize the true purpose of life, and one`s relationship with the concept of God.

To those who are down with personal uncertainties and miseries, spirituality gives them a confidence that they need not wallow in stress because there is a supreme power which will alleviate their sufferings thereby making them tranquil and simultaneously boosting their self-confidence. Leading Institutes teaching management courses in regular and Distance learning stream, Conduct Spiritual visit Workshops and classes to help their students overcome stress

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