Inject Life into your Career Through Distance Learning

How curious are you to learn what you always wanted to? Are you thinking of changing your field? Or do you want a master’s degree to step up the management ladder?  The solution lies on one platform of learning – Distance Learning. The growing boom of virtual classrooms has given rise to many colleges to go online.Distance Learning Courses

Almost half the globe uses internet as the medium of education or any other resource. With growing restrictions on international visas and other stringent regulations, many international universities have tied up with Indian Institutes to provide specialization in various fields and Indians are making the most of it. It is not only convenient to study within one’s comfort zone but also at the mere click of a button. Last year India counted almost 200 million users studying online.

Distance learning is not only focused on adults. Its growth stemmed from the fact that it was started as an alternative to night school and physically handicapped people. Similarly, we cannot ignore the fact that today many high school and elementary school children are moving towards e-learning and receiving their education.

Easy and economical, online learning is proving to be the most popular and fastest way to educate and connect directly with professors. Online Learning receives several enquiries every day, eager to find out how effective online education is. These programs, if completed from well set-up institutes, not only focus on education but also cover various workshops like analytical skills and creative problem solving, magic mind, industrial visits, brainstorming sessions and allied activities carried out with the  best of professors to explain the concepts online.

Entrepreneurs who acquired skills from online programs are showing an outstanding performance which demonstrates the effectiveness of the virtual classrooms. These programs have helped professionals to be proficient with the current trends in the market. Based on the transforming need for professionals in the job market, the Institutes keep on changing their curriculum to make it a modern learning system in the true sense of the word.

There can be no time like the present to give yourself a chance to better your career prospects through distance learning. The field has grown so extensive that online options are endless. One has little to lose and a world of possibilities to gain.

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Learning to be an Effective Manager

Being a manager is never easy in today’s dynamic and hyper competitive business world. A brief snapshot of the specific issues that managers face is enumerated below:

The challenge of survival

With the economy yet to grow at a healthy pace, even global behemoths are uncertain of  stability. For a manager, this translates into challenges to cope with uncertainty.


In order to thrive in today’s times, innovation is the name of the game for managers. Only those who can come up with unique solution to problems will be able to hit the ground running.

Information Overload

According to a report released in May 2012. every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. The ability to process such a humongous amount of data Is almost becoming impossible for managers.

Problem Solving

The lack of scientific problem-solving approach  among today’s business leaders is hampering their ability to adequately deal with all the problems listed here.

So the answer to this lies in attending workshops on creative problem solving and analytical skills as well as a workshop on Art of Influencing. Managers who have attended such workshops admit that these initiatives make people expand their thinking, explore a wider gamut of possibilities, bring in more choices and options in turn finding answers to multiple situations that they might be in.

Participants to these workshops also add that such workshops drive home the basic truth that solutions lie right within the problem itself. All you need to do is adopt an analytical approach to discover that dormant solution. These workshops have tools such as”Traffic Jams”, “Brainstorming” and “Grid Analysis” which come as powerful learning techniques to adopt a solution-centric approach to problems. Ditto with Art of Influencing. It helps managers influence people, motivate them and enhance their productivity in turn adding value to the business. Participants to such workshops vouch that they teach students to learn body language, tackle people and get things done.

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By Tarun Narayan

Unlock your Inner Peace

With life becoming more uncertain by the day and with stress and mental unhappiness clouding the intellect of one and all, probing deep within your sub-conscious and unlocking the inherent peace is becoming more important than ever before. A spiritual visit helps you to achieve exactly that.Unlock your Inner Peace

The benefits of going for a spiritual visit are phenomenal. These visits which are often interspersed with ‘o-so-divine’ techniques such as effortless meditation, satsang and knowledge sessions by spiritual leaders  strengthen your inner belief  that there is a power operating in the universe which is greater than yourself. It fosters a sense of inter connectedness with all living creatures and instills an enhanced awareness of the purpose and meaning of life. It also inculcates a series of softer attributes that are imperative to succeed. These include acts of compassion and selflessness, altruism, and the ‘blissful’ experience of inner peace.
A spiritual retreat also ingrains a sense of boundless joy, enthusiasm and a sense of perennial bonding with the human race. That’s not all: researchers state that these generous spiritual indulgences also relax you physically as much as mentally.

Yoga and naturopathy are especially useful in busting stress  and improving self performance. Yoga is a tried and tested powerful technique to overcome stress. These yoga sessions help you feel the transformation that is unfolding within you and help you shed the shackles of inhibition and fear of the unknown. Similarly, naturopathy enables in maintaining an overall wellness and regulates the rhythm of  body and mind.

Deep and involved  tryst with spiritual processes roots out the boredom in your life and fills your inner being with infinite exuberance. It also gives you a new direction and purpose in life. Institutes teaching management education through regular and Distance Learning  can incorporate these natural experiences in to their Training modules.

However, going for a spiritual visit needs tremendous organizational skills, commitment, and a dedicated team effort. But if you compare them with the intangible benefits they lend, then all the effort that you put in for such visits is definitely well worth it.

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By Tarun Narayan

photo courtesy : kaivalyadhama

Gaining acceptance on Twitterati

You are the brand! Nothing else. You are selling yourself as a person/ your company with the attitude that you are worthy of being followed. After boasting about Twitter and its fact and speaking about some of the well-liked twitter handles in “Climbing the Ladder of Twitterati” let’s move on and explore how you can brand yourself on “Twitter”.

Gaining acceptance on twitterati

Tweeting Right:
Engage your twitter followers by sharing both witty and useful information. “Tweet 80% content your readers will find helpful and 20% self promotion. A good mix will give you more than 100% promotion.” tweeted @watsonk2. It is observed that the most active twitter days are Monday through Wednesday and the peak Twitter times are early afternoon, noon specifically. Use quotes, posts, facts from your industry to engage.
Don’t: @sarahebuckner tweets “It drives me crazy when people don’t post for few hours, and then post 9 times in a row. If they do that, I Unfollow.” This is a point to remember while branding yourself on twitter. Do not get spam by tweeting at one time.

Retweets and DM:
@mayhemstudios tweets “Retweet is a powerful tool on Twitter; helps to build your brand, following, trust and seen as an expert in your field”. Likewise, Dm (Direct Message) can help you get into conversations with your followers. It helps followers know more about you and build the trust factor.
Don’ts: Think before you tweet, your post can either be the reason for people to retweet or unfollow.

@smquaseb tweets “Twitter is an ongoing conversation you participate in. It isn’t about how much info you can shove out, it’s about communicating.” Create real conversation, remembering whatever you do on twitter represents your brand. It is wise to listen what is going on and then respond.

Sharing is the second best thing you can do to promote your brand. Don’t forget to thank people who shared your post and tweets. Simply be genuine and share useful information as in time it will come back to you.

You can follow these tips and start building your brand reminding yourself about the important tips shared above. Branding yourself is important. It is like the baby steps you take to reach the final destination. Twitter is that platform where you tweet and create your impression for others. Use strategy and spend time tweeting mindfully. Once you enter the professional world after your MBA or Distance Learning MBA, branding becomes essential to get through the top companies. WeLearn’s workshop focuses on the entire essentials outside the virtual classrooms, starting with soft skills to business etiquette, personal Brand Building through Digital & Social Media to mind magic and many more.
We will keep posting more about it. Till then, happy tweeting.


Priyanka Hodavdekar

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The Engineer Who Lost the Soft Skill Battle

A reputed software company is gearing up for a client visit from Europe. Ravi Kumar is the team lead and chief programmer for the project. He is to present the finished project to the client. The clients indicated that they would like to select one team member for a stint onsite – something almost every software engineer aspires for. Ravi is an engineering graduate from the best institute in India and has also done an MBA degree from one of the top B schools. His educational qualification earned him this job at once and he has been a successful software engineer for the past 7 years. He and his team have done a wonderful job on the project. Ideally, he expects to be selected. Unfortunately though, after the project is presented to the client, his junior programmer gets the offer and not him. The question is why? With an academic background and work experience as such, he would be an asset to the client. But his concerns were his interpersonal skills. Or what in management lingo is called ‘Soft Skills’.Soft Skills for Successful Leader

This is a typical scenario in an IT industry or any industry where employees like Ravi suffer from lack of interpersonal skills.

Are technical skills enough?

Technical and job related skills are undoubtedly essential but they are not sufficient if soft skills are lacking. Soft skills play a pivotal role to move up the corporate ladder. Along with being knowledgeable and technically sound, management nowadays expects the employees to be proactive and street smart. It takes soft skills for smart execution of theory or an idea since it involves handling people directly.

From dealing with a team mate to a different departmental manager, to front ending clients, your interpersonal skills are what ultimately make you stand out of the clutter and help you move up in your career.

Soft skills that you must have Communication

  • Team spirit
  • Social grace
  • Business etiquette
  • Negotiation skills
  • Behavioral traits such as attitude, motivation and time management

Do you possess all or any of these skills? If your answer is yes, you have a strong profile, but if not, then you might want to acquire some with professional training. It might sound unworkable but there are online programs, workshops and training sessions which help you build your soft skills. Distance learning programs offered by many institutes also provide opportunity to hone your soft skills.

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Climbing the Ladder of Twitterati

In the last blog Twitterati we spoke about growing statistics of twitter and yet thriving with millions more towards it. Twitter is used more as a tool where one can be as popular as a Bollywood or Hollywood star. People have shaped their own brands cleverly keeping in mind the persona to showcase in virtual world. It’s bizarre to have 10,000 and more followers wanting to know what they want talk about. Digitalization is growing immensely.

The Tweeting Effect

Branding oneself with just the right amount of strategy and time is what twitter all about. It is an assistant PR for many, micro blogging sites for others and a platform to share your thoughts for the rest. Be it a discovery of brands, reviews or news, it’s all here. All you have to do is follow right people, tweet right and retweet good stuff. We have listed down some mango people who have raised their bar to digital-mango people in a significant way.  Twitter handles like @MumbaiCentral, @CilemaSnob, @greatbong, @SahilRiz, @MasalaBai, @MissMalini, @Roflindian, @RameshSrivats, @jhunjhunwala to name a few Indians, who are the big daddy of tweets and followers. Their interaction is based on most relevant topics, discussion, connection and sharing.

Being a popular and influential person on Twitter isn’t as easy as opening an account, yet it’s also not as complicated or straightforward as following a rule book. A lot of popularity will derive from who you are in relation to your followers, including how personable you are and the contentedness that you create. In the next session we will discuss on how you can build your own brand on twitter.

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Priyanka Hodavdekar