How to be the Master of your Interview

No matter how skilled, or on top-of-the-game we are, interviews always tend to make us nervous. There are just too many uncertainties and the stakes are too high. A lot could go awry, based on who the interviewer is and his perception towards the candidate. The only thing we have in control is the way we present ourselves and the way we answer the questions.


A lot of people are unaware that, the way they answer the questions can put them in the driving seat as far as the interview is concerned.  Not the obvious, correct, well-worded, and confident answer but the answer that compels the interviewer to ask you what you want to answer next.

Here are some tested and tried ways that people have adopted to turn the interview questions to their advantage:

1.Extend your Introduction

“Tell me about yourself.” This question is the golden ticket for you to include exactly what you’d like the interviewers to get piqued about. Remember, in an interview, it is not just your education and skills that they want, but also want someone interesting and with a ‘personality’.  Anything out-of-the-box like unique hobbies, volunteer work, etc. interests the interviewer and influences them to ask questions about it, giving you a chance to reveal more of yourself to them.

 2.Talk about past experiences

Questions about your past experience gives you a chance to highlight your skills and achievements which cannot be put on paper. For example, if in the past, you’ve done successful crisis management, lay it out with a history of the situation and how you warded off the crisis with a strategic approach. Inevitably, questions like how, when and your learnings, etc. will follow, leading the conversation in your chosen direction.

3.Show interest in the question topic

While you need to be enthusiastic throughout your interview, you can always raise the interviewer’s curiosity on certain topics by showing extra interest in the question and its answer. It leads them to asking more questions on the same topic.

Being prepared for interviews is essential in every walk of life. But essentially, it is an art that you can master with practice and guidance at interactive workshops on how to master an interview.


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5 Illusions about Interviews- Busting the myths

After  years of studying, you are armed with your cherished degree or qualification. It is time to go and realize your dreams. But there comes yet another exam! Whether you are a student of distance learning programs or full-time classes,

Now that’s enough to make anyone nervous, and mull over doubts like, “What if I don’t fit in with the vision of the ideal employee that the organization is looking for?”

While you might assume that the employers have already scanned everything about you, here is a startling insight from David Couper, Career and Executive Coach and author of ‘Outsiders on the Inside: How to Create a Winning Career … Even When You Don’t Fit In!’. He states, “In reality, most interviewers are not prepared for the interview. They usually just wing it based on their own experience.”

mastering the interview

Here are 5 popular illusions interviewees have:

1.“Tell me something about yourself” is about your interests: A common assumption is this famous catch-all question. If you think they are interested about your hobbies, dismiss that thought immediately. Grab the opportunity to highlight your capabilities, qualifications and why you are fit for the role.

2.You need to stand out to prove your mettle: The fact is, those at the other side of the table are usually looking for someone who can work along with them without complaining too much. According to Couper: “Interviewers are looking for someone who can do the job, fit in with the culture and not cause trouble. If you can demonstrate that you can do that, you will get the job.”

3.“Where do you want to be/see yourself in five years?” is about your life goals: Another common question thrown during interviews  The ideal answer would be to tell them about your ambition, how you think the company might be able to help you, and that you’re willing to stick with them.

4.Qualifications are all they need to know: Of course, qualifications matter but not much during interviews. As long as you’re eager for the job and appear to be friendly, you have got a good chance to crack the interview.

5.Your values are different from that of the organization: Your values and ambitions must be aligned with that of the organization for you to get that appointment letter.

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