What’s the next best thing to a lecture? If you are thinking of cafeteria, here is an option to consider – go for a workshop!

The traditional education system sometimes breeds a dislike for attending lectures, and there are good reasons why this happens. After all, a lecture is usually a one-sided performance, and there are limits to how long one can concentrate. After a while, attention drifts, and one is left to run over notes to absorb the main concepts.

Interactive workshops are a learning phenomenon by themselves, as anyone who has attended one would testify.

Why everyone should attend an interactive workshop

Unlike lectures, a workshop is essentially a participatory platform. It is where participants get to think for themselves, receive inputs from others, and learn as a single group.

Among other things, you will find the following features that make interactive workshops unique:

  • Participatory approach to learning
  • Variety of learning methods: audio/video/role playing/presentations
  • On-the-spot assignments and feedback by the presenter and the group
  • Workshops given by specialists and industry experts
  • Exposure to different perspectives and opinions
  • Networking with peers who share similar interests
  • On location or getaway spots that stimulate thinking
  • Fun and games

Welingkar’s workshops are designed to offer a complete package of practical and interactive learning. Their aim is to broaden perspectives that relate to your chosen stream, whether it is a diploma in marketing management, a healthcare management course, or an MBA in banking.

Among other things, you can attend these workshops to gain new ideas in your field, re-learn basic concepts in a new setting, get to know your peers and forge professional bonds, try class room concepts in practical and fun ways, and find solution to your specific problems.

In short, these interactive workshops are a high energy learning experience packed in a short duration. In the end, you will come away with a different outlook on your chosen subjects.

Check out this leadership trek to the Himalayas recently organized by Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning Program:

For more information on Welingkar workshops, visit

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