Ever wondered why recruitment tests include a section on testing analytical skills and problem solving? In the information age, rise in competition and arrival of technologies such as Big Data has made it ever more important for employees across the board to be savvy with these methods.creative analysis

Professional work today involves critical activities such as forming strategies, taking decisions to achieve set goals and resolving conflicts. Thinking analytically allows us to conceptualize, visualize, and make use of available information and data to reach well reasoned conclusions. It is a step-by-step process. On the other hand, creative thinking is what we use to come up with actual approaches to meet objectives.

The many uses of analytical thinking

In a nutshell, here is how being logical can help you in everyday work:

  • Collate and organize information from multiple sources
  • Extract relevant facts and information
  • Recognize anomalies and contradictions
  • Use analysis to recognize patterns and opportunities
  • Convey your findings in a clear manner

Are analytical skills meant for everyone?

In complex business environments and with multi-tasking around, analytical skills are needed across departments and functions.

For a human resource executive, analytical skills will be needed while making hiring decisions, during interviews, and especially while resolving conflicts.

For a public relations, sales or marketing manager, the same skills will be needed to make decisions on company strategies, decoding sales data or for deciding on the packaging of a product according to customer preferences.

For those in customer relationship management, analytical decisions need to be taken when engaging in conflict resolutions. Every customer is unique and so are their demands. While catering to individual customers, a good executive or manager is one who uses independent judgment and critical thinking while giving out solutions within the framework of company policies.

Watch a workshop in progress on using analytical and creative skills at Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning Program:

No matter what course you are engaged in, whether an MBA in media management or a Diploma Retail Management course, make sure to build analytical thinking as one of your core strengths.

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