There is a reason why President Obama keeps his wardrobe ready at night. It allows him to hit the ground running, with one less decision to make the next day.


All of us want to learn from successful people – the super rich, the entrepreneurs, the start-ups that challenge the status quo. And from colleagues and friends who have climbed up the professional ladder. We know there is no short cut to success. But is there anything that differentiates the achievers from the rest?

One of the secrets to success is our most trusted friend – the good old ‘habit’!

Aristotle defined excellence as not an act, but a habit. Whether it is getting up early in the morning, practicing at fixed times, reading, staying in touch with friends, or making sure every given piece of work is finished, small steps lead to victory.

Why habits make for success or failure

You have will power –the ability to do things where and when you want. However, imagine running your entire life based solely on intentional, exerted action! Sooner than later, you will find yourselves exhausted. Not only that, it will be difficult to channelize enough energy and attention to tasks that are important and critical.

But habits are like a double-edged sword! Give in to procrastination, and see your life and career take a nosedive. Again, the power lies in your hands, and in forming regular habits.

Bringing in change

Charles Duhigg, author of New York Times bestseller, ‘The Power of Habit’, makes a case for how harnessing habits can bring about great transformations in personal and personal and professional lives. According to him, successful people achieved their goals by “focusing on the patterns that shape every aspect of our lives. They succeeded by transforming habits.”

Watch a workshop on Winning Habits of Successful People in action at Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning Program:

Whether you are pursuing PG Diploma courses or an Online MBA program, cultivating healthy habits can provide you with a sturdy platform for the rest of your professional life.


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