Gripping! Evocative! A must watch for all management students! Movies weave a magic on us for a couple of hours and bring to life simple truths that might have otherwise remained obscure.

Remember Rocket Singh? Real or fictional, movies like these help elucidate or bring home important lessons in leadership, team management, marketing, finance, HR and other aspects of business. More importantly, they provide thought provoking content on the human elements of ego, competition, greed, power and the unethical aspects of modern business.

movie learning

 Turn the whiteboard into a movie screen

Storytelling is a powerful method of instilling valuable principles. Delivered through  events that mimic real life, the images, emotions, characters and situations depicted in  stories stay with us for a life time. This makes movies a powerful tool for teaching  management principles. In particular, movies are a great tool for management students  because they:


  •  Translate abstract principles into real life situations through stories
  •  Use characters and scenes that viewers easily identify with
  • Evoke strong emotions
  • Use visuals, dialogues and plots underlined with humor, irony, contrast and other devices to bring the message home

Watch how debates and discussions over movies are integrated as part of Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning Programme:

Movies that speak to management students

Employee of the Month: How extrinsic and intrinsic motivation influences employees.

Up in the Air: Organizations are about people, not things.

Outsourced: The ground effects of outsourcing and role of culture.

Syrup: Importance of branding and marketing.

Chef: Adopting social media marketing strategies.

Wall Street: The conflict between old and new world values.

Lagaan: Lessons in team building, overcoming challenges and handling emotions.

Corporate: Ethics and values in conflict with rivalry, work pressure and short cuts to success.

Manthan: Classic depiction of rural business, people management and community orientation.
If you are enrolled for a Distance Learning Program, make sure to take maximum advantage of rich educational methods. They add an edge to your professional skills and knowledge.


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