Remember your old classroom with its old wooden benches and blackboards? Those were pre-internet days, and it hasn’t taken long for the classroom to find its digital counterpart. The Virtual Classroom is now a reality, taking learning online to overcome the barriers associated with a confined classroom.


Virtual classroom weaves a web
Virtual classroom retains the essence of conventional classes, but just conducts it via the web. It is accessed through a portal and synchronized with the instruction giving process, which also helps to eliminate the limitations associated with distance learning. It enables communication between the participants through feedback or Q&A sessions, presents learning in interesting formats, including slides or presentations, and involves engagement in the form of workshops.

To understand it better, let us look at the key elements of virtual classrooms:

  1. Non- restricting: Removes restrictions of time and place and enables student-instructor participation from various parts of the world.
  2. Affordable: Trims down costs by eliminating travel and other expenses. PGDBA Distance Education is way cheaper than a regular PGDBA.
  3. Flexibility: Class instructions can be recorded to be viewed later.
  4. Better presentation: Lectures supported with slides and videos offers audio-visual impact, which infuses greater interest and helps in retaining concepts and learnings.
  5. Accessibility: Lectures and tutorials are delivered online. All you need is an internet connection and a computer. Group projects promote inter-personal communication between students, sharing of ideas and documents, and allow them to check-in on each other’s progress.
  6. Hand-raising: Allows one-on-one interaction and customized query solving.

WeSchool offers quality education through their virtual classrooms in the form of tailored courses like MBA in human resource or post graduate diploma in marketing management. Besides offering the advantages of learning from the comforts of your own home, Welingkar courses are supported with:

Video lectures



You can thus see that there isn’t much difference between a virtual classroom and a regular one. In addition, virtual classrooms offer the advantages of online learning along with conventional modes. Supported with technology, such classrooms can be most advantageous for professionals or for students with time constraints.


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