Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, studies neurological processes, language and behavioural patterns that have been learned through experience (programming). The method was proposed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the US in the 1970s. NLP delves deeper into the thinking and feeling processes of successful individuals and shows how others can adopt them to achieve their goals.

NLP techniques are said to help you stay in control of your own responses to people’s behaviour, and modify these according to the demand of the situation. In business and corporate fields, NLP aims to help in managing people, since it focuses on advanced and unconventional mind management methods.

The business areas where NLP methods have found applications include: sales, customer service, education, counseling, advertising, business negotiations, communications, conflict management, healthcare management, etc.

Where can you use NLP?

NLP promises enhanced communication, rapport building and goal setting skills. Some of the scenarios where it can be used are as follows:

  1. Managers: Customizing staff development and provide motivation as per individual thinking patterns of team members and conducting performance reviews accordingly.
  2. Team members: Building rapport in a group and then present ideas in a persuasive way with the help of insights gained from inter-personal communication.
  3. Customer service representatives: Building up rapport with individual customers, whether on a call or during face-to-face interaction.
  4. Sales: Using NLP during vendor interactions or business dealings to present their own proposal in a convincing way.
  5. Team coordinators: Observing cross-cultural communication gaps, if any, within the team from non-verbal indications and working towards their elimination.

Prospects of NLP do not end here. Starting from negotiations to organizational development, quality management, team building and strategic planning, the method promises to offer numerous advantages that can give you an edge in the corporate world.

For more details, check out this Neuro Linguistic Programming Workshop by Welingkar’s HYBRID Distance Learning Programme to understand how it works.

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