A resourceful person always stays ahead of the game. Unlike formal education, online courses offer flexibility and the convenience to choose the schedule, time and pace at which you intend to build up your skills. However, online courses can suffer from lack of engagement and motivation. This has led to educators create a blend in the form of ‘hybrid’ learning courses.


Four reasons to go hybrid

  1. Multiple ways to learn: Everyone gets tired of reading pages after pages of text. Hybrid courses were developed for the same reason that children’s books are filled with illustrations. The added inputs can come in the form of videos, audio, industry visits, and visually enhanced resentations, in addition to course material. It ensures that the conveyed information is easily understood, thus giving an edge over both offline and online teaching methods.Here is an industry visit in action:

  1. Diversified approach: Your learning preferences may not be the same as that of your neighbor. Standardized online courses might therefore fail to meet the demands of every student. Diversified teaching methods allow tackling various issues and queries that arise during a course. Besides taking care of time constraints, hybrid courses, for instance an MBA in advertising and media or healthcare management courses, enable face-to-face interaction with the educators.
  1. Greater scope for instructors: Hybrid courses allow instructors to update and tweak their methods of teaching to suit the needs of individual students. Interactions help them in making suggestions, both for improving course materials and students’ performance. This is a lot better than auto-generated feedbacks.
  1. They are fun: Hybrid courses add the vital ‘fun’ element to learning, something that goes amiss in regular teaching methods and online courses. This allows you to hone up on soft skills.

Watch an ‘experiential’ workshop in progress here:

Hybrid learning methods, like the ones used at Welingkar’s Hybrid PGDM Program, ensure that students and professionals undertaking online courses emerge not merely with a qualification, but armed with a ready set of essential knowledge and skills needed to succeed.


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