Time is said to be the greatest educator. But what if you don’t have ample time for a formal education? No worries, since the older classroom bound concept of education has transformed over the last decade to bring it closer home.

Learning and obtaining certifications are not constricted to the closed doors of a classroom anymore. This allows working professionals and others to continue their education at their own pace. Combine new hybrid learning technologies with a willingness to achieve success, and bingo, distance education can make your career grow.

Take away these benefits, and the situation changes dramatically. Let’s take the case of Ajay, who spends night hours working at a call center. His mornings however are not a cozy sleeping routine as you might expect. He trudges to attend PG classes, and catches up on sleep in the weekends. Predictable and full of stress, this routine made permanent marks on his declining health.

Contrast this with the case of Rohit, an HR executive, who is breezing through his part-time MBA in Financial Management course, while attending to his work and also playing guitar for his local band. He selected his course well, with offline classes held at weekends, modular online learning, and classes accessible over his mobile and laptop.

When carefully selected, a Hybrid Distance Learning Programme can easily blend into your lifestyle. Here goes the checklist:

  • Flexibility to study in convenient locations – Check
  • Access to courses abroad – Check
  • Self-paced learning – Check
  • Learning amidst irregular work schedules – Check
  • Increasing vocational eligibility for individuals with restricted mobility or family issues – Check

Another important factor to keep in mind is the human touch and scope for interpersonal communication. Isolated learning with no direct access to instructors and constant dependency on technology can act like dampeners. So, the time you decide to enroll for a distance learning institute in India, you need to choose the one that helps you stay motivated and stick till the end.

Let’s take a look at what people who have been through a successful distance learning course have to say.

Experienced faculties, well researched modules, better infrastructure along with personal care and real time workshops can work wonders. The bottom line is motivation: for not just ‘mugging up’ but ‘learning’, literally.


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