Rise of Distance Education in India

The Indian education system has seen radical changes in the last decade with online platforms becoming the next big change; thus making distance education the most sought after method of learning.

In 2014, the Online and Distance Learning sector in India grew to 5.42 million (report by TechNavio) and is expected to reach 8.79 million by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 10.16%.


The following reasons summarize the overall growth of Distance Education in the country.

 Distance/Online Education is convenient:

The employment sector has grown to be highly competitive.Thus, compelling professionals to acquire new skills and enhance their knowledge. Distance  education enables people to get a new degree, while keeping their current job. Also, for professionals from Tier II and Tier III cities, who do not have numerous options for higher education, Distance Education comes as a blessing. They can, elevate their skills  and qualifications even while working from a remote location.

 Government Initiatives:

The Government of India has been taking serious initiatives to bring radical changes to  the education system. And, online and distance learning has been a significant part  of  such endeavors. By initiating various programs across the country, in association  with public and private universities, the Indian government has been regulating the  standard of distance education.

Corporate Initiatives:

Corporate are now widely encouraging Distance Learning among their employees. This enables their employees to learn specialized skills and become more competitive  without hampering their current productivity. In fact, major corporates have entered into partnerships with institutes offering Distance Learning Programs. Such initiatives also include collaborations with international institutes offering Distance Education and online learning programs.

Watch the following video on distance education initiatives taken by Welingkar’s Hybrid PDGM Program to learn why and how online and distance learning is taking over the Indian education system


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