Psychometric Assessment – The state-of-the-art recruitment process

In this ever competitive business world, organizations have become particular with their recruitment process. Companies have started adopting various methods to assess a potential candidate. Psychometric Profiling, also termed as DPSA (Driver, Promoter, Supporter, and Administrator), is one of the most well-known methods of employee recruitment today.

Defining Psychometrics:

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of assessing one’s psychological capacity. This includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits and educational aspects such as questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments.

Objectives of Psychometric Profiling: The objective of Psychometric Profiling is to analyze a candidate’s intrinsic nature and professional aspirations. Personality tests have proven to be useful for recruitment as well as for employee evaluations and career development.

How does Psychometrics help?

The Professional Profile personality test is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of a candidate’s personality profile and temperament required for the job. The test is also used for career guidance along with assessing suitability for employee promotions. Psychometric Profiling also helps in identifying training and development needs.

Target groups: The Psychometric test is used for Executives, employees, job-seekers, graduates. The psychometric test is also one of the most frequently suggested tests by psychologists and HR professionals.

The aim: The test aims to make people aware of their own behavioral styles and the different psychometric profiles they fall into. Once they are aware of their own Psychometrics, it becomes easy to be flexible and adaptive to others in social/personal or office situations.

Psychometric Profiling or DPSA profiling has become very important in today’s recruitment and employee development process and professionals and students alike need to be aware about it and, fortunately, even management Schools that have realized its importance. Watch this video by Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning Program on DPSA profiling to that can help students in their career.

The workshop covers, ‘Personality types’, ‘Response to different situations’, ‘Creative test’ and helps understand oneself against many others.



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