3 Tips for First-Time Managers

Congratulations! You have become a manager for the first time in your career- something you have been looking forward to. Now, your success as a manager will depend on others as much as on your own skills.  Being a manager is a tricky role to play as you have to maintain the fine line between being a team leader and being a team player.

Here are 3 tips to help you get through the initial phase of being a manager.


Start Afresh: You have done really well and reached this position. Now, forget what you did and start afresh. The most important thing to remember as a manager is that it is not only about you now, but others (team members). Consider each team member’s perspective, needs, interest, skills, and preferences. Figure out how to influence, communicate, and motivate people in a way they care about. This will help you be a more effective leader.

Push the boundaries: Managers who provide assistance and challenges are rated better performers at their job by their boss. Throw in challenges that you know your team can achieve and then guide them towards the goal.

You are in charge: When you become the manager, your team is always going to look up to you for guidance. In a team, egos are bound to clash, but as the person in charge it is your onus to hold the team together and maintain harmony.

A manager is an important role in an organization and the skills required to be a good manager requires proper mentoring and training. Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning PGDM programs understand and takes initiative in creating next generation managers through interactive workshops and experiential learning methods.





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