Myths about ‘Interview’

The mere thought of an ‘interview’, makes most people nervous even if they have spent hours preparing for it. But there are a lot of illusions and myths regarding interviews that we are here to break.


Myth 1: Interviewers are always prepared: David Couper, a Career & Executive Coach and the author of ‘Outside on the Inside: How to Create a Winning Career… Even When You Don’t Fit In’ says, “In reality, most interviewers are not prepared for the interview, they usually just wing it based on their own experience.”

Myth 2: The interviewer will always ask the right question: Regarding this myth Couper says, “Many interviewers prepare no questions beyond the ‘tell me about yourself’ and in some cases, you may be interviewing with a Human Recourses representative or a high-manager who doesn’t have a lot of specific information about the open job’s duties.”

Myth 3: The more qualified person lands the job: This is not true at all, in fact, according to Couper, the less-qualified, but more outgoing candidates has a better chance of winning an interviewer over. Basically, the interviewer is looking for someone who can do the job and fit into the culture.

Given below are some tips that will help you tackle the myths and give a better interview:

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  • Instead of talking about yourself in the interview talk about what you intended to accomplish in the position you want and specify your past successes illustrate that.
  • Avoid giving long answers, be straightforward and to the point.
  • Express your willingness to work with the organization.

These myths and tips are applicable to every kind of interview, be it Retail Management, Supply Chain Management, or even Creative field. The core of the interview does not differ. But if you further want to refine your interview skills, Welingkar’s workshops on Mastering the Interview and learn how to fight those nerves.


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