Enhancing Presentation Skills

is a skill that can be acquired and sharpened over time until it becomes a personality trait. An articulate presentation indicates a strong and confident personality, someone who can take control of things. More importantly, the saleability of a concept or an idea depends on your presentation skills. Unfortunately, a majority of people are terrified at the idea of talking in front of a crowd. But there are ways to overcome this fear, some of them are:



The style of presentation: Depending on your idea and the target audience you need to find the perfect way of presenting your concept. It could be an informative presentation, or a lecture or an interactive section. For example, if you are presenting an innovative electric car for the youth, it needs to have audience interaction, which you might not do for selling a new medical drug.

Preparing the presentation: Rudyard Kipling once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind and this drug needs to be handled very effectively and carefully when it comes to presentation.” This is absolutely true as, preparation is the key to a good presentation. Always plan your presentation beforehand. The research content you need or the visual aids you would require should be ready at the time of presentation. Also, pay attention to your body language.

Conviction: There is a popular management belief that says, “Depth of conviction counts more than the height of logic and enthusiasm is worth more than knowledge. It is important to be confident in yourself first to convince your audience.


Good presentation skills also involve having an easy body language, which makes the audience comfortable. Also, it is necessary to keep the audience hooked; the most mundane subjects can be made interesting with a skillful presentation.

Presentation skills can be enhanced and refined by proper training and practice. Various management institutes understand the seriousness of presentation skills, one such institute is the Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning. Public speaking and presentation skills are an important part of the curriculum at Welingkar’s institute and a small example of which you can see in the video below:



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