Four Important Tips on Supervisory Excellence

Defined as, ‘an intervention that is provided by a senior member of a profession to a junior member(s) of the same profession, Supervisory Excellence plays a crucial role in any organizational success. This relationship is evaluative, extends over time, and has the simultaneous purposes of enhancing junior member(s)’s work, while monitoring the quality of professional services offered by them to the clients. This practice also serves as a gatekeeper of those who are keen to enter a particular profession. Therefore, as per the definition a person in the supervisory position needs to possess skills like- Planning, Team development, Positive attitude, Adaptability, Supportive


4 basic tips that can help you achieve excellence in a supervisory position:


  • Objectivity: Be objective in approach and eliminate personal bias and feelings of favoritism.
  • Communication: Communication is important in all sectors of business activities, but here communication should reflect your fair judgment of an employee’s performance. Also, make helpful suggestions and provide adequate instruction.
  • Observation: You need to be a keen observer as a supervisor to be aware about your team’s strengths and potentials.
  • Evaluation: Evaluate overall performance, which means to review the employee’s highs, lows and performance across all areas of work.

This is an important role and the efforts are rewarded, as various organisations award Supervisory Excellence Awards to the most deserving supervisor. For achieving this excellence, Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning Program can help you get through their interactive workshops and courses that can guide in your persuasion of excellence in your career.




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