10 Qualities of an Effective Leader

Steve Jobs (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), and Larry Page (Google) are names of great businessmen who are on top of their game. Each one of them have done amazing things in their field, but they all share one common quality that makes them iconic. They all possess great leadership qualities. They have led their teams to achieve great heights in their fields and this has created an impact on professionals who aspire to be like these great leaders. The top qualities of an effective leader are:

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  • Direction: You yourself need to clear about the direction you want to head and then lead your team there.
  • Influence: Influence people around you in a way that drives them towards their goal.
  • Aim: Have an aim where you want to reach and then guide your team to reach that aim.
  • Vision: Create a vision for the future that your team can believe in and pursue it.
  • Communicate: Communication with your team at each and every step is very important for your peers, followers and acquaintances to be able to understand you better and follow you accordingly.
  • Believe: Firstly, believe in yourself and your vision, which in turn will instill confidence in your team members and make them believe in you.
  • Trust: Trust is the basis of any managerial quality and more so for leadership. For your team to be able to follow you and your vision, they need to trust you first as a person and then as a leader.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge is power, so know what you are exactly doing and how you want to do it… Clarity in action and speech is always preferable and goes a long way in leadership.
  • Discipline: Be disciplined yourself first and then channelize it towards others in order to work as one unit.
  • Competent: Prove your competency so that people know who they are following.

These top ten qualities are what makes a leader effective and successful. With Welingkar’s Hybrid Distance Learning Program these leadership qualities can further be developed enabling you to lead your teams in the future.


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