Important Benefits of Experiential Learning

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

Knowledge is not only acquired from books and classrooms, but more importantly through experience. And this is what ‘Experiential Learning’ is about – creating memorable and educational experiences. Technically, ‘Experiential learning’ is a method of education where skills, knowledge, and experiences are acquired outside conventional classroom and through various unconventional activities.


This concept of experiential learning is now gaining prominence in the business world for its multiple benefits. Here are few of them:

Building Relationships: The activities undertaken during the experiential learning, encourages you to build relationships with the people in your group. The activity of resolving a challenge together will strengthen your communication, collaboration and interpersonal skills.

New situations: In experiential learning there are various activities that lead the participants away from their comfort zone. Handling these new situations can help onerealisetheirstrengths and areas of improvements.

Innovation: There are no set rules when you are facing a challenging activity during experiential learning. These activities let you think out of the box while encouraging you to be innovative. This is an important skill that should be developed as it helps you in your professional and personal life.

Focus: Focus is required to be a success in the business world and this skill can be honed through experiential learning. You have to be very focused on the task that you have to perform along with being focused on people with whom you are performing this activity.

These benefits and many more can be acquired through attending workshops on experiential learning. One of such institutes that conduct workshops on experiential learning is Welingkar’s Distance Learning Programme. Here,students are given opportunities for practical activities and learning. The institute not only instills learning in students, but also enhances skills through activities that involve planning, strategic thinking, leadership and teamwork.


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