5 Ways to Sell Well

Selling in an art, to convince people to buy your product/service requires a lot of skills, natural or acquired. So, before you venture into the sales industry, you need to be polish your sales skills. To help you start, here are 5 basic ground rules of sales:


Research well: Knowledge is power and research is the best way to gain knowledge. The first thing you need to know, is your product. Understand the pros and cons of your products/services; what it can and what it cannot do

Research about the kind of customers, stakeholders or your target audience the product/service can attract. The most important thing you need to research for is your competition. Be aware regarding your competitor’s potential. Consider the possible obstacles that you might face and ways to deal with it.

Ask: You have done your research and you are all prepared for your customers. But don’t launch straight onto how a particular product/service can help the customers. This may come across as pushy. Instead, ask what they are looking for. After all, it is all about the customers.

Listen: Listening is as the most important part of sales than any other aspect. Listening to your costumers will help you understand what they are exactly looking for and then you can accordingly lead them.

Build a Rapport: When you are talking to customers, storytelling helps the most. A straight and technical description of the product is not going to do this. Try giving them little anecdotes or analogies to keep them connected to you. This will create communication between you and the customers, thus leading to a good rapport.

Closing a Sale: The process of closing a sale effectively is also very important. Give them a little time to decide if they want to close the sale. You need to be subtle here by not appearing too fervent to close the deal.

20_orange_sell_attentionAdopting these basics will help you enhance your sales skills. The good thing about these golden rules is that you can stick to them and still make them uniquely yours. The other way to enhance your skills is through formal education and Workshops. Recently held workshop at Welingkar’s on “The Art of Selling” discussed the finer aspects of the art of selling.


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