In this digitally ruled world, there are various apps that have made work life simpler. Today, professionals have access to various accounting apps that assist them in their businesses. Here are some apps to help you conduct daily accounting practices with ease. What’s more, most of them are free!


QuickBooks: This app is one of the best free accounting apps and is widely used worldwide. QuickBooks is used for recording day to day transaction, invoicing to clients and billing to customers. You can also see your balance sheet reports through the app among other features.

Book Keeper Accounting: Book Keeper Accounting is simple to understand and is packed with features. The app allows you to send invoices and estimates, track expenses and receipts, and manage inventory. It also gives the option of viewing and sending various reports along with helping you maintain company books. It has a 45-days trial period after which it becomes a paid app, but it is totally worth it.

Zoho Invoice and Time Tracker: Zoho Invoice is a free app, and one of the best and the most convenient ways to remind and accept payments from clients. Quotes can be sent along with tracking time for projects, and it can even accept credit card payments or send thank you letters to clients.

Indian Accounting Standards: This app is especially designed for accounting and auditing professionals. These professionals abide by the Indian Accounting Standards that is issued by ICAI. Through this app practitioners can assess the accounting standards on the go.

Financisto: Another free app that is an open-source personal finance manager. You can manage multiple accounts and currencies through this app. The app offers automatic daily backups.

These and many more apps provide assistance in finance for non- financial professionals, and they can explore more about these apps and other topics with similar solutions through the workshops conducted by Welingkar’s Distance Education Programme.



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