How emotional intelligence can boost productivity…

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important aspects of organisational success. It is all about building positive relationships between colleagues, and more importantly with the leaders. Based on an excellent practice of understanding and communication, emotional intelligence can boost an organisation’s productivity to new heights. For this, it is important for leaders to understand their employees and motivate them in a way that they are totally aligned with the business.

However, there are no set rules to develop emotional intelligence at work. But, here five ways to kick-start the process:


Caring: No one likes to be bossed around, even if they are your employees. So instead of commanding, just guide them in the right direction. This will show that you care and your employees will appreciate the gesture greatly.

Honouring uniqueness: Every employee brings his/her individuality to the organisation. And, respecting this uniqueness will help in boosting employee’s confidence and in turn their productivity at work.

Creating opportunities for growth: Employees want to create an impact through their work. Therefore, give them opportunities that will help them achieve their goals. Their ‘success’ will boost the ‘success’ of the organisation.

Accountability: A leader should take responsibility and lead the team by example. In short, if a leader expects his/her team to be act in a certain manner, then the leader should reflect the same in his/her actions. This will create a sense of equality among the employees.

Be Aware: If an employee’s performance is not up to the mark, then try and find out the reasons for his/her lack of efficiency. There could be some grievances, which could be holding back your employees from delivering. The key to doing this is to be aware of your surroundings and employees.

Emotional intelligence is applicable to every human interaction in business: from employee motivation to relationships at work to customer service. This is just at the surface level. There is more to this subject. To help you understand the depth of emotional intelligence, Welingkar’s Distance Education Programme has designed a workshop that goes beyond just examples.




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