7 Ways to Increase Employment Engagement

Many organisations face a lot of issues regarding dissatisfied employees. It may even result in employees quitting their jobs. To prevent this, orgainsations need to undertake employment engagement.

To give you a perspective, there are basically three categories of employees:

  • Actively disengaged- They are unhappy about their work
  • Not-engaged- They work robotically without any emotion
  • Engaged employee- They are the one that are connected with the company

Every organisation wants the third kind, yet only 13% of employees are totally engaged. There are ways and methods to improve these numbers. Here are some areas that can promote employment engagement:


Connect Socially: As a leader/manager you need to create an environment in which the employees can connect socially. Build a good rapport by meeting them socially or by organising some group activities.

Be a listener: One of the most important qualities of a leader is being a good listener. This will encourage your employees to initiate conversations and share their ideas more freely; thus creating a sense of ownership (in your employees) towards the organisation.

Participation: This is probably the most important point. Promoting participation from your employees will make them feel that their opinions are valued.

Promises: Always make sure you fulfill all the promises you make to employees. If the promises are met, then you will have employees that belong to the third category – the ones that feel connected to the organisation.

Appreciation: Everyone loves to be appreciated and your employees are no different. Express your appreciation every chance you get. This encourages them to be passionate about what they are doing.

Feedback: As important is appreciating, you need to support them with the right feedback. This will make them aware that you are paying attention, which will lead them to put in more effort in their work. However, ensure that the feedback is positive and doesn’t discourage or leave them (employees) disheartened.

Consistency: Be consistent in you behaviour, attitude and expectation towards your employees. Being inconsistent will leave your employees confused and uncertain. This pushes them to be in the first two categories.

A leader and also an organisation as a whole, needs to encourage employee engagement to build a strong company. There are various workshops that can sharpen your skills. Welingkar’s Distance Education Programme conducts such workshops for the benefit of the employee and organisation.

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