Top 5 Must-have International Business Apps!

International business has reached new heights and keeps getting stronger in this age and time. There are various factors for this boost, one of which are recent advances in the field of technology. Technology has evolved to such an extent that our simple cell phones are much smarter today. Enthusiastic business minded individuals have created apps that people belonging to the field of international business can greatly benefit from. Given below are some must-have apps for anyone belonging to the international business fraternity.

Doing Business: This is a brilliant app which has resources through which you can compare and get quick facts between various countries. The highlight of the app is that it will not only provide great information that will help you decide how and where to set up an international business but along with this it also provides a context while talking to customers about day-to-day business

Box: Box is a remarkable app that permits and enables you to create, edit and share files. The app is designed in a way that provides an extremely secure backup. Box allows you to collaborate with international partners and the added advantage is that through the app you can pull up any kind of marketing or sales file you might need to conclude the deal.

HKTDC Mobile: Through this app you can access resources and information pertaining to international buyers and vendors. The app deals with several topics, including establishing business connections, high quality sourcing along with international market data.

Skyscanner: Traveling is an important aspect of international business and that is where Skyscanner comes handy. The app allows access to a quick search regarding flights across various airlines. In fact, you can book a ticket through the app itself.

International Business Etiquette: International business makes it necessary to know the etiquette of the country, or you might offend the host without realizing. Plus, knowing their culture will put you on their good side. This International Business Etiquette app is a country-specific guidethat keeps you informed about cultural courtesies, dining customs and more. The app is free for iOS devices, unlike for an Android, but this is one of the must have apps.

Google Translate, GroupMe and are more goods apps to install. Besides these, basic apps like whatsapp, Skype and Google Maps are always a good addition. Installing an app won’t magically turn your business around but, it will certainly smoothen your dealings in international business!


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