Creating a Market Buzz

Marketing is a multi faceted field with one object in mind- to reach the consumer. A viral marketing technique called Marketing Buzz is one of the tactics currently used by professionals. The buzz is generated in a unique and calculated manner where the pitch is crafted by a marketing professional. Generally a buzz is choreographed with a dramatic flair. There is suspense, emotions, excitement and anticipation created around the product or service which in turn leads to a buzz.

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Marketing buzz is also termed as ‘word of mouth marketing’ or ‘oral communication’. Organizations and businesses have evolved and are exploring different methods of creating a buzz and today the main source is through social media. Different platforms are used to establish brands and cause a market buzz, but the dominating ones are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Others like Blogs, Instagram etc are used. The only role buzz plays is to make buyers aware of a particular product.

One of the oldest examples is Hotmail. They shot up from 500,000 registered users to 12,000,000 in December 1996. The reason behind the spike was that in every email sent from Hotmail included a small advert promoting the service in the footer. In more recent times Samsung’s clip of LED- illuminated sheep running went viral. Shot in the Welsh countryside attracted nearly 8.5 million views on YouTube. Honda is another example; they created the first live commercial on British television. It showed 19 skydivers jumping out of two planes 14,000 feet above the ground. They skydivers linked up to spell the name of the company across the sky. It became a YouTube hit all over creating more than 400,000 views. Vodafone’s Zoozoo is something that everyone would be familiar with which went on to become a loveable global icon. Dove, BMW, Levi’s and many such brands have created a market buzz successfully.
Creating and implementing the market buzz requires skills, a very good imagination and the ability to recognize your target. It is a hard and competitive field with challenges that makes a person grow. There are many brands that create market buzz, but the key is to craft a buzz that will create an impact on the audience which leads them to the brand.

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