Advertising for a Retail Store

Once the long awaited store is open, it is just the beginning of a whole line of activities to gain recognition. It is vital to make people aware of its existence. Advertisement plays a critical role in attracting customers to your store. It will create an image for your store and establish an identity for you in the market.

Use all available options that you find feasible to advertise your store. It could be:


Print: Newspaper, magazines, catalogues and journals come under print advertisement. This source reaches a large number of people and is a very effective mode of advertisement.

Television: Television reaches a wide audience. This mode of advertisement has the advantage of picture and sound, which allows you to illustrate information creatively.

Radio: This is an excellent source of advertisement. Radio reaches a large number of people and is comparatively more economical than other sources.

Social: Social media as a source is the most famous one now. Open a website where people can learn more about your store. Facebook, twitter, blogging, LinkedIn and other social networking sites will encourage communication with customers.

Word of Mouth: This is one of the oldest forms of advertisement and is still effective. Mouth-to-Mouth is the most sought out way of advertising for small retailers.

There are two main objectives for advertisement. One is to attract customers and the other is to make them aware about you. So be clear and don’t confuse your customers. Besides that, be creative and come up with innovative ideas to keep the customers coming. As you progress, retail marketing plans, sales promotion ideas, branding and advertising resources, media buys and sales events will benefit your retail store to be in the public eye.

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