Current Trends In Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each other are met. There is a paradigm shift in the role of HR manager from that of a ‘protector and screener’ to that of a planner and ‘change agent’. Personnel directors are the new corporate heroes. The name of the game in today’s business is PERSONNEL.

Popularly referred to as ‘Personnel’, the term has evolved in title, if not in fact, through a transition to Employee Relations to Human Resources and in newer, hipper organizations to titles like People and Culture. Over the years, highly skilled and knowledge-based jobs are increasing while low skilled jobs are decreasing. This calls for future skill mapping through proper HRM initiatives.

hr management

The emphasis laid down by HR Managers today is based on:

  • Policies: HR policies based on trust, openness, equity and consensus.
  • Motivation: Create conditions in which people are willing to work with zeal, initiative and enthusiasm; make people feel like winners.
  • Relations: Fair treatment of people and prompt redress of grievances would pave the way for healthy work-place relations.
  • Change agent: Prepare workers to accept technological changes by clarifying doubts.
  • Quality Consciousness: Commitment to quality in all aspects of personnel administration

The current trend today demands that HR should treat people as resources, reward them equitably, and integrate their aspirations with corporate goals by initiating suitable HR policies.


4 thoughts on “Current Trends In Human Resource Management

  1. Managing resources has always been a most important task for any manager or Human Resources professional in an organization. There are several tools to help with this, but it all ends up with how we use the tools.

    Every day some or the other policy is changing which makes the HR management process complex and this also makes the tools invaluable. Yet, there are some tools which are completely customizable, which will adopt to changes we make. We use Replicon resource management software –

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  3. You have written good about HR management. If we accept human as resource of our organization, utilize it for better productivity so that organizational goal can be met and to pay it accordingly so that will remain in org for better production & its growth. and continuous achievement of business. its good trend u have mentioned.

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