Distance Learning and its Impact on Homemakers

Taking off from Emily Bronte’s famous quote: “I am a bird and no net ensnares me…I am a free human being with an independent will,”
several individuals have been inspired to launched careers that were hitherto not within bounds. This is particularly true of women who have made it in diverse domains. Learning is a continuous endeavour with no boundaries of time and space. Only the spirit and determination serves the quest to seek and strive for knowledge.

Upholding this principle and choosing the path to study further is made more reachable through the distance learning mode of education. For those who “seek” to enhance their skills after a long break or from a highly demanding “work-zone” or for homemakers to juggle between study and chores, Distance Education is the answer!

Distance learning and women Take the case of the simple housewife, who was a proficient Cake Maker. She made cakes at home to supplement the family income and sold to friends and relatives by word of mouth. Then, she was introduced to online distance learning. Fighting time constraints, she juggled different family priorities amidst her hectic schedule and leveraged the distance learning model to her advantage. The education she received opened up horizons beyond her imagination and before the completion of the course; she had launched her own confectionery business. She attributed this progress to understanding the nuances of Finance and Human Resources through her distance learning and today owns a chain of confectioneries.

It is rightly said: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way and the will, will show the way.” Learning gives power and confidence that allows an individual to easily fulfill personal and professional responsibilities, while studying, working or being a homemaker.”  The option of continuing studies through Distance education does not limit choices. The flexibility of joining a distance learning program, anytime and securing a degree, always keeps education as a do-able and work-able option.

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