The Art of Negotiation & Tactical tips

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Negotiation as:  “To confer with another person so as to arrive at a settlement of some matter; also to arrange for or bring about such conferences.”

Like it or not, you are a negotiator. Whether in family or business dealings, people reach many decisions through negotiation. You haggle with the vendor for an acceptable price. You discuss with domestic help the wages you are willing to pay them and the quality of work you expect in return. You negotiate favourable terms with your employer. The list could go on…Negotiation is a fact of life!


Negotiation skills are used regularly in business or community activities, but often overlooked in the conduct of daily lives. Successful Negotiation is a personal skill that can be learned. It presents concepts that can be applied in any situation where issues are to be resolved. Most people know of only two ways to negotiate – either soft or hard. The soft negotiator wants to keep peace and readily makes concessions to avoid or resolve conflicts. The hard negotiator sees conflict as a battle in which the person takes the extreme position and holds out to get a better deal. Body language plays a pivotal role in Negotiation while being adept at resolving Conflict management will help limit the negative aspects of conflict and encourage successful Negotiation.

Those who master the skill of effective negotiation will save money, time and achieve a high degree of satisfaction. Skilled negotiators don’t have to worry about “what might have been.” Negotiation skills are a heady mix of Marketing skills, Communication skills and Interpersonal skills.

negotiation strategy and tactics workshop

WeSchool’s Workshop on Negotiation Strategy & Tactics aims to provide a clear understanding of the negotiating process and how to negotiate more profitable sales. The program is suitable for people who need to negotiate on behalf of their organization and is designed to give delegates more confidence when negotiating.The Workshop will involve discussions and demonstrative exercises on: what is negotiation, various stages of the process, tactics and behavior and applying the art of negotiation in a working day.

The session will also cover other aspects of negotiation like: How to plan and prepare for negotiations, how to structure negotiations, negotiating styles, personal power, negotiating tactics, movement and concessions, developing win-win situations, the closing stages of negotiation and preparing a personal action plan.

Click here to Register for Negotiation Strategy and Tactics Workshop.


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