Business Analysis Tools and Techniques for I.T Management Employees

Are you in sync with what you are required to deliver in the workplace or to a client?

Every new activity, product or project in the workplace is created in response to a business need. Yet don’t we often find ourselves in situations where, despite spending tremendous time and resources, there’s a mismatch between what has been designed and what is actually needed?

Again, haven’t you been in a situation when a client has complained that what is delivered isn’t what was decided? Or has someone changed the brief about the deliverable, when you were halfway through a project? Have you had conflicting requirements from multiple clients? And have you ever received new requirements just after you thought you’d finished creating a product? The list is endless!

Business Analysis Tools and Techniques For I.T Management

How can this be avoided by using business analysis tools and techniques ? 

A focused and detailed business requirement analysis can help overcome such problems. This is the process of discovering, analyzing, defining and documenting requirements related to a specific business objective. It is the process by which the scope of the project is clearly defined, so as to assess timescales and resources needed to complete the task.

Remember: to get what you want, you need to accurately define it. Good business requirements analysis helps achieve this objective. It leads to understanding business needs better and helps break them down into specific requirements that are mutually agreed upon by everyone.

WeSchool is conducting a 2-day workshop on 27th & 28th July, 2013, to broaden the understanding of the role of a Business Analyst. It will also demonstrate to participants how to use known tools and techniques during back end analysis as effective methods to capture requirements. This is, however, not a workshop specifically on tools such as Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) or UML but will acclimatize participants to new tools and techniques to conduct context studies for Enterprise Analysis and Security requirements among others.

The workshop will include role plays and simulations to create awareness among participants to conduct, elicit and gather requirements to enhance effectiveness as a Business Analyst.

Click here to Register for this 2 day workshop.

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