Psychometric Assessment or DPSA Profiling

What is DPSA or Psychometric Profiling?

DPSA Profiling is an acronym for DRIVER, PROMOTER, SUPPORTER and ADMINISTRATOR. It is also termed ‘Psychometric Profiling’.

What is Psychometrics?

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement, which includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits and educational measurement such as questionnaires, tests, and personality assessments. Those who practice psycho metrics are known as psychometricians.

Target groups : Executives, employees, job-seekers, graduates.


Psychometric Assessment analyzes a candidate’s intrinsic nature and main professional aspirations. This personality test is useful for recruitment as well as for employees’ evaluations and career development.

How does Psychometrics help?

The Professional Profile personality test provides an in-depth analysis of a candidate’s personality profile and job temperament based on twelve fundamental facets of the human character. This psychometric test is the one most frequently requested by psychologists and HR professionals.

The test aims to make people aware of their own behavioral styles and the different psychometric profiles they fall into. Once they are aware of their own Psychometrics, it becomes easy to be flexible and adaptive to others in social/personal or official situations.

In the DPSA profiling Workshop conducted by Weschool, looks at:

  • Personality types
  • Response to different situations
  • Creativity test – to look at a problem in a totally different way and assess it.

Enroll for a Workshop in DPSA profiling and understand yourself and the people in your life better so that you are equipped to and deal with the numerous personality types you encounter in the workplace, in society and amongst your friend circle.

Weschool’s Distance Learning MBA Programs offer Post Graduate Diplomas in the principles and practices of Management and are tailor-made for students to enjoy ‘Continuous Learning’ while at home, work or play.


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