Put on your Creative Hat

Managers today are using Creative Problem Solving (CPS) as a major technique to be effective in their given role.  CPS is the trademarked name for the Osborn-Parnes process, which suggests methods to solve problems in an out-of-the-box manner.  

There are several techniques for solving problems in a creative way. They include:

  • Reframing the problem: This is one of the creativity techniques designed to come up with an innovative solution. This methodology inspires the person to ask basic questions to oneself such as, for instance, “What am I trying to accomplish?”, among others in order to arrive at a unique solution.
  • Shift in mental state: This technique is designed to shift a person’s mental state and make the mind get into a creative mode. Accordingly, it involves taking a break or sleeping after one has intensively thought of a solution.
  • Multiple facilitation of ideas: This technique dwells on increasing the quantity of fresh ideas. This approach is based on the belief that if a person comes up with a large volume of ideas there will be at least one idea that will be creative and worth implementing.

There are several books on CPS that you can refer to. Richard Fobes has authored a “tool box” for creative thinking so has Michael Michelko, author of Thinker Toys. Additionally, complement the knowledge you derive from these books by enrolling into an online MBA or Part-time MBA programs that offer meaningful workshops on CPS. So think out-of-the-box and crack your problems now.

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