You’ve become a manager for the first time in your career! Congratulations. your success will now be tied to the performance of your colleagues.  While some colleagues have worked longer than you for the position that you have achieved, they may not be pleased with your success.
Here’s how to cope with the first few months of being promoted. Become a Manager

Forget What Got You There:

Your hard work paid off. Now, forget about all that you did. You and your work are as good as your team and their output. Remember, it is now about them and not you! Consider each individual team member’s perspective, needs, interests, skills and preferences. Figure out how to influence, communicate and motivate people in a way they care about,that’ll make you a more effective a leader.

Challenge the boundaries

Managers who provide assistance and challenges are rated better performers at their job by their boss. Throw in challenges that you know won’t be very difficult and help them achieve the goal.

You are the Boss

When you are the boss, people are always going to look at what you do and what you don’t.People will not always agree with you or like your decisions. You have no control over what others feel about you. Just let them be.

Welingkar’s Distance Learning Division Conducts “First time Manager workshop” as a part of its MBA Equivalent Management Programs

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