Conflicts are inevitable in a modern workplace. Conflicts can be of several kinds. For instance, there could be conflicts between departments, superior and sub-ordinateteam members among others. Conflicts arise mainly because different stakeholders end-up having different priorities; Therefore, new-age managers need to understand and apply various conflict resolution techniques so as to be effective in their given roles. Outlined below are some of these techniques:

Collaborative working

Also known as problem solving, in this technique the manager works with the parties who are in conflict to arrive at a solution that is acceptable to both.  This technique is also called arbitration.

Conflict Management


Here, both members involved in the  conflict are persuaded to sacrifice their self-interest in the larger interest of the organization.

Backing off

Also known as avoidance, in this technique the more mature person or a team is asked to surrender their self-interest to bring harmony in the workplace. Apart from this, to succeed in conflict management the managers handling the conflict need to have strong convincing skills and the ability to persuade the conflicting members to arrive at an amicable solution.

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