The Basics of DPSA Profiling

Psychometric assessment or DPSA profiling assesses the knowledge, aptitude, talent and abilities of a potential hire. This field also involves creation of questions and psychological tests to measure the personality of an individual.

This type of profiling is widely used in Multinational banks and other private sector behemoths. This is considered to be a highly scientific tool and the people administering these tests normally hold a special qualification in psychometrics. Many work as clinical psychologists while still others are employed as Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals.

DPSA Profiling and Phychometric assessments

Psychometrics is also used in the educational field and it measures abilities such as reading, writing and math. Psychometric testing hinges on a whole range of theoretical approaches for measuring innate personality traits of an individual. Some of the better known instruments include the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, the five factor model in addition to tools such as the Myers and Briggs Type Indicator among others. Psychometric approaches are extensively used to study attitudes of a candidate. One of the common methods in the measurement of attitudes is the Likert Scale.

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