Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs

Are you one of those new-age entrepreneurs waiting to get funded by an angel investor? Do you feel that you need some skills to get a foot on the door of that elusive Venture Capitalist? Then it’s time that you honed your presentation skills. A new study published online in ‘Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice’ attributes the importance of presentation skills to the success of entrepreneurs seeking funding from potential investors.

The results of the study revealed that entrepreneurs who showed clear signs of preparedness and a strong handle on their material won the minds of the funding organizations irrespective of the business model that the entrepreneur had. As finance is the lifeblood of any organization, entrepreneurs need to acquire capital to kick start their ventures. And strong presentation skills enable in mopping up the growth capital.

So what are the elements of a good presentation skill? According to the study the elements include skilled storytelling, thorough command over the details, believability, authenticity and strong preparedness. So if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur then sharpen your presentation skills. One way of doing it is to enroll for an Online MBA or Distance Learning Program 

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By Tarun Narayan


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