Stress management through Spirituality

The term “stress” is nothing new to modern life. Estimates suggest that one in every three individual today is a victim of stress, depression and various kinds of phobia. Stress impacts an individual at various level. Stress hampers an individual’s ability to perform well at the workplace. It breeds a sense of fear, anxiety and helplessness. It also inhibits an individual’s ability to socialize and form new friendship chains.

Spirituality is nothing but looking inwards and invoking the divine energy that’s residing in the deeper confines of your sub-conscious self. The reason why spirituality helps in keeping stress under check is that it helps person realize the true purpose of life, and one`s relationship with the concept of God.

To those who are down with personal uncertainties and miseries, spirituality gives them a confidence that they need not wallow in stress because there is a supreme power which will alleviate their sufferings thereby making them tranquil and simultaneously boosting their self-confidence. Leading Institutes teaching management courses in regular and Distance learning stream, Conduct Spiritual visit Workshops and classes to help their students overcome stress

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