From Losing to Winning

Don’t we all strive towards reaching the winning post? True, every one wants to be a winner in life. Yet, there are several definitions to who a winner is. For some winning could be about accumulating wealth, while for others winning could be about achieving fame and rare distinction. Whatever be your perception of winning, these negative emotions are obstacles to winning and should be avoided.

State of continuous fear
Winners are seldom fearful. This means they believe in their capabilities and enjoy the small pleasures and joys of life.

 Low EQ
A low EQ mars the winning process. It only triggers unhappiness and non-constructive thinking, hence up your EQ.

If you want to be a winner ensure that you are not unsociable. This really means that you need to cultivate a close set of social network with whom you can hang out.

So what else is needed to turn a person from loser to winner? Answer : the parents or peers should inculcate a sense of positivity and hope in them.  These individuals can draw inspiration from deep meditation sessions which act as a catalyst to open up minds and help shed inhibitions.

Enrolling for Distance Learning Programs at reputed institutes can also be great motivators to ensure winning.

By Tarun Narayan


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