Staffing: Doing it the Right Way

People are the critical assets of any organization. People as a resource can either make or break a business. That’s why it is important for Human Resource managers to ensure that they follow scientific staffing practices in their enterprise.

Staffing as a system includes recruitment, training and development, compensation and career progression or promotion. However, at a more subtle level staffing also includes treating employees with respect, fairness and dignity. Research indicates that employees tend to return the favour when they are treated with dignity and respect. Research also indicates that professional employees demonstrated a higher level of commitment when they felt that their staffing system was fair and just.

Staffing is important, more so because functions such as  planning, organizing, directing and controlling become redundant without a proper staffing plan. It is clear that the effectiveness of other managerial functions depends on the degree of efficiency with which the staffing function is done. The performance and mindset of the employees at one level depends on the degree efficiency with which staffing is carried out.

If you want your organization to be a winner, it’s important that you come up with a structured staffing plan. Meanwhile Distance Learning Programs provide a world of inputs on the dynamics of staffing.

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