What is Employee Engagement?

Let’s first concentrate on what is NOT employee engagement.

Employee’s happiness doesn’t necessarily relate to Friday keg parties, game rooms or a massage parlor. The bar set for seminars and surveys conducted for employee satisfaction is too low. A satisfied employee may turn up from 9-5 pm without complaint, makes no effort to go that extra mile but takes the headhunters’ call for a bump in her pay by 10%. Is that what you call satisfaction?

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has towards the organization and its goals.
They just don’t work for a pay cheques or for their next promotion but on the behalf of their organizational goals. Because when employees care, they show discretionary efforts.

Kevin Kruse from Forbes, says “Employee engagement is when the engaged computer programmer works overtime when needed, without being asked. It is when the engaged retail clerk picks up the trash on the store floor, even if the boss isn’t watching.”
Welingkar’s DLP understands the role of an employee engagement and thus hosts workshops to educate future HR managers on creating better employee welfare schemes. DLP programs help in a great way in making students aware and better understand the nuances and inter-linkages between employees and the organization

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