Never Give Up

Let’s take a small fable: there lived a king. Although a valiant ruler, he lost the war. Dejected he went to a forest. There he saw a spider trying to climb up on top of the rocks of the cave. Every time the spider would climb, it would fall. Undeterred the spider would yet again climb and it kept on doing this till the time it succeeded in climbing the rock.  The King was amused as well as inspired by this spider. He realized that he should not give up with just one failure. He should try again and again till he succeeded. And then he went back, organized a battalion and won the war.

Never Give Up

The moral of the story is simple: Never, never  give up by failures. Many toppers in civil services have often shared in their interviews how they failed in the super-competitive civil services exam at the first attempt only to try again and succeed.

At a philosophical level, losing to winning cannot happen at the first shot. Fate likes to test you over and over again before you can realize your dream,so that trials and tribulations make one emerge stronger.

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By Tarun Narayan


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