Etiquette for a healthy working environment

We spend more than half our lives with our colleagues than with our family. Good relationships are the key to healthy work environment. This can be achieved over a period of time and with a bit of effort so as  to create  a healthy working environment.

1) Treat others with dignity and respect: You can contribute to healthy environment by abiding to the work ethics, supporting colleague in need, treating people the way you want to be treated and managing your emotions. By managing your emotions you can be patient, calm and stable in your decisions.

2)  Communicate effectively:  Effective communication maximizes work efficiency. While communicating with colleagues; be mindful of words chosen, tone of voice, listen attentively and speak with discretion. While crafting emails, sound objectives as well as constructive instructions should be put across clearly. Crosscheck before you send and add up niceties while concluding. Face-to-face interaction creates trust and open mindedness with verbal and non verbal cues.

Healthy Working Environment

3) Learn to work in a team: Have patience and understanding to learn and adapt to different working habits, points of view, and personalities of your team members. Be responsible for the work assigned to you.

4) Appreciate: Appreciating the contribution made by a colleague will only brighten up someone’s day. So don’t forget to acknowledge.

5) Make work fun and rewarding: When you make work fun, it can be pretty contagious and your colleagues will catch on to this newfound attitude and enthusiasm that you bring to the team. Remember to also bring in laughter to your work as it will lighten your colleagues’ mood and help to make work more enjoyable.

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Priyanka Hodavdekar


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