2013 – The year of Social HR

If personal branding seems shallow,  Think again!

2012 was a year of experimentation for the recruiter to use social media for branding and marketing their organization. In 2013, social media has taken a step forward and integrated social technologies into the way they recruit, develop & engage employees.

Death of resume:

Today your resume will be based on the length and breadth of your personal branding.

1) Your recruiter will search you on Bing and Google amongst the top 10 people.
2) On twitter, for the number of followers and the last time you tweeted
3) Your LinkedIn quality and recommendation you have received.
4) Your score on Klout.

However we have to accept that our resume will no longer act as our differentiator in the job market.

Personal Branding for RecruitersPersonal Branding is a required skill:

Scales in the recruitment sector are moving from ‘knowledge economy’ to ‘social economy’. In this hyper connectivity world, the lines are blurring between the value of what we know and who we know. ‘What is the right balance between intelligence and social connectivity? From an innovation perspective, this difference is very significant. In fact, it can mean the difference between success and failure.’[Fastcompany.com]

Recruiter knows you:

Before you even think of finding a job, recruiters will find you through these social media platforms. Applicants as well as HR executives must know how to use social media to their benefit.

So this year, which platform are you planning to adopt for your personal branding? If you haven’t missed it in your academics, you can update yourself from a distance learning program, and get higher up in your career graph.


Priyanka Hodavdekar


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