You Need to Lose if you want to Win

Do you feel bogged down by failure? You try really hard to achieve something and if you don’t accomplish it, it can be really disheartening. None of us like to lose. But as they say, ‘failure is the pillar of success’. Modern research on human behavior shows that people who are slightly behind in a competition are more likely to win than those who are slightly ahead. The reason being, people who are slightly behind the others, tend to exert more efforts because they are aware what they lack.


Failure can be much more enlightening than success, mainly because success does not let you introspect. If you win your race, there’s not much incentive to look back at your mistakes and figure out how to avoid them in the future. The best way to use failure to your advantage is to think about all the losses you have undergone in other aspects of your life; finance, relationships, career and more. Ask yourself if such losses have made you a stronger person and made your life better? Losing is an essential part of winning. Just like in sports, falling down in practice is a must if you are going to run faster.

Changing your perception is another key to turn loses to victories. If you consider your loss as a reason to fight better to achieve your goals, you are a winner at heart already. Losing is not wrong, losing hope is.

Welingkar’s DLP teaches you the art of positive thinking using motivational workshops and training sessions where students learn to change perception towards failures and have a positive approach towards their goals.

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