The Balancing Act of Education and Work

People applying for distance learning courses are either working or are loaded with commitments. What is important is to strike the perfect balance between study and commitments. Few thoughts on how we can manage both simultaneously may help one achieve their goals
Work Life Balance signpost
Strike a balance:
If we pursue a course related to our work, studying becomes easier with practical knowledge on hand. Time management is the key to strike a balance. The number of hours dedicated to studying may differ. If we study once a week we will have to dedicate more hours.

Analyze your course, understand what is expected of you in the curriculum and manage your year ahead. “You get the study material at home with a few contact classes in which the different aspects of the programme are discussed. There is no virtual classroom,” says Sudha Ravishankar, a professor, who is also a distance learning student. But Welingkar distance learning courses includes virtual classroom as well as face to face interaction with students. Following a timetable to the ’t’ can easily earn you a degree.


  • You can achieve your academic dreams even at a later stage.
  • Score well professionally
  • Avail knowledge from well known universities within your budget
  • Opt from a wide range of specializations available for distance learning

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