Decide life with your Deeds!

Remember the world famous scientist Albert Einstein? Yes. But more pertinent is the fact that he was only an ordinary patent clerk earlier. Similarly Franklin Roosevelt, one of the notable Presidents of America was sick with both legs paralyzed. So what is the lesson learnt? Change begins from within you.

Stephen Covey’s 90/10 principle says that 90% of your life is decided by your reaction and 10% is made up of what happens to you. You just cannot control 10% of your life.

A classic example of Covey’s new principle is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln had to face a series of setbacks: he lost his job, got defeated in the legislature, began a business only to fail and contested for the post of a speaker and lost; in addition to suffering a mental breakdown and getting rejected for the post of an officer. But he created history by becoming one of the most respected and most-loved Presidents of America.

Both these examples clearly denote that if you have the vision, determination, perseverance and passion to excel you will surely be able to scale new peaks, irrespective of the obstacles that are  thrown in your path. Welingkars DLP gives you the techniques to develop mental strength and emotional maturity through a host of innovative workshops, hybrid learning and creative problem solving activity thus making it the most sought-after course for success seekers.

Priyanka Hodavdekar


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