Being Proactive

If you are a leader, do you ask yourself these questions?Being Proactive

  • What are the most important goals of my organization?
  • Where am I and the people I lead, heading?
  • How will I get there?

Being proactive is one of the basic elements of success that differentiate a successful leader from an ordinary one. Power, position, opportunity, luck; nothing matters if you lack basic qualities. Leadership is like a game of chess, wherein you always need to be a step ahead!

Being proactive is all about-

Taking initiative – The most important attribute that defines a ‘proactive leader’ is to take initiative and get things done earlier than expected rather than reacting to situations after they occur.

Taking responsibility – Like they said: ‘Great power brings great responsibility’, a proactive leader takes responsibility of his actions using his ‘power’ responsibly.

Thinking positive – Being proactive is to always see things with a positive outlook, encourage the team to learn from mistakes and instill positivity. This results in a confident and motivated team which eventually leads to better work output.

Proactive leaders lay the foundation for the team to work on and grow. Indeed, It is a difficult task, but there is nothing you cannot learn. Online workshops and training sessions on leadership qualities can help you understand the theories of pro activity  Many distance learning programs conduct exercises for leaders to self assess their leadership.

Check out the Video of “Seven habits of Highly effective people”


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