Climbing up the success ladder: Manoj Kulkarni

Manoj Kulkarni, a civil engineer and VP with Tata Housing, is a real life example of a slow and steady achiever in life. Growing up in an army family in Karnataka, Manoj spent his childhood travelling all over India. From DSK Real Estate, to Matoshri Group, Mahindra Life Spaces and now Tata Housing, Manoj has steadily climbed the corporate ladder, with varied employers on his profile.

During his career of 22 years in real estate, Manoj spent 3 years in Dubai and that’s when he realized his skills and qualifications needed to be upgraded. Call it an incident or an accident; he ended up visiting Welingkar Institute with a friend. Fascinated and interested by the system, he took up three PGDM courses in Marketing, Finance and Banking through Welingkar’s distance learning program and successfully completed it. Manoj always believed his strength to be the people who worked as his associates and subordinates who make him realize his potential as a leader.

“My success mantra is a simple 3-step formula,” says Manoj “Hard work, Time management, and Leadership qualities”. For Manoj, his mentors always have been his seniors and MDs of the organizations he has worked for in his life. Manoj shares his experience of Welingkar’s Distance learning program. “The course design and the entire education system is simple yet very informative and their hybrid teaching methods were an advantage.”

Eventually, in his life, Manoj wishes to take up teaching and keep educating himself as well as others. That’s one message he would love to share with his fellow and future DLP-ers. Manoj ends his message with sharing his personal vision of life. He advocates: “We need to align ourselves with the changes in society and education and nothing but education can help us in that alignment. “

Now that’s the perspective of a true and successful learner. Worthy of emulation!

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